Outdoor Home Services

Roofing Specialists

Andys Roofing

Charlie Douglass

Email- ctheroof@gmail.com

Facebook- Facebook.com/andysroofing

Cell Phone- 810.691.4427


Adams Property Maintainance 

Austin Adams

Cell Phone - 586.854.9208

Email - aadams5153@gmail.com

Elevation Landscape & Services

Matthew Fox

Email- elevationlandscape@gmail.com

Office Phone- 810.360.3437

Envious Landscape and Construction

1440 Torrey Rd. Ste F, Fenton

Office Phone- 810.208.7822

Cell Phone- 810.691.5772

Fick Landscaping Supplies 

1331 W Hill Rd, Flint Twp

Office Phone- 810.630.2201

6452 Corunna Rd, Flint Twp

Office Phone- 810.691.9702

Website- ficklandscapingsupplies.com

Land Surveying 

Field to Finish 

Brian Shaltz 

Email- fieldtofinish@aol.com

Website- fieldtofinish.com

Office Phone- 810.629.6560

Cell Phone- 810.444.0418

Do It Alls 

LJ Inc.


Email- lauras@ljinc.biz

Website- ljinc.biz

Office Phone- 810.644.7769